SINCE 1892



1892 - Mr. H.A. Baker begins manufacturing overalls, pants, and shirts, occupying 7,500 square feet of a building located on Fourth Street between Jones and Jennings Streets in Sioux City, Iowa.


1929 The Baker Company moves into the Boston Block that Aalfs Manufacturing continues to occupy. At that time Aalfs Paint and Glass owned the building and occupied most of the first two floors.


1939 On December 1, the company becomes the Aalfs-Baker Manufacturing Company, with Mr. Wilbur Aalfs as president.


1941 - A catalog listed over 75 major items that were sold by Aalfs-Baker, including shirts, pants, sweaters, ties, shoe strings, gloves, caps, suspenders, etc.


World War II -Denim was sold on an allotment basis. Since the Aalfs-Baker Company was newly organized and showed a lot of promise of success, they were sold enough denim to keep the company producing. The company maintained good relations with suppliers. As the company demonstrated that it could produce a quality garment, the availability and supply of denim became more plentiful. Some of the garments produced during the war years went to the military services in the form of pants and fatigue shirts.


1943 -  The first contract with JCPenney is established.


1952 - The company begins manufacturing jeans exclusively. The company continues to enjoy expansion, as the demand from JCPenney as well as the availability of materials continue to grow. The wholesaling of additional lines of men’s furnishings is discontinued and the sales department is eliminated. 


1959 - The Aalfs-Baker Manufacturing Company officially becomes Aalfs Manufacturing Company.


1985 – Aalfs opens its plant in Mena, Arkansas.In addition, the company helps pioneer a new vendor managed inventory (VMI) program for GAP.


1992 – In anticipation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Aalfs established The Original Mexican Jean Company (OMJC) in Torreon, Mexico.


2001 - A new product development center is created and implemented in the Mena facility.


2002 – Aalfs consolidates warehousing operations by relocating its distribution center to Mena, Arkansas.


2003 - Once again in anticipation of new trading regulations—this time the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)—Aalfs begins producing garments in Nicaragua.


2008 - Aalfs purchases a plant in Nicaragua, Aalfs Uno.


Today - Aalfs produces top quality garments for such companies as JCPenney, Levi, Dockers, Polo, Harley-Davidson, Target, Zumiez just to name a few. Our corporate office is located in Sioux City, Iowa, with a sales and marketing office in Dallas, Texas, a distribution center in Mena, Arkansas, and manufacturing locations in Mexico and Nicaragua.