Thoughtful Advantages for Spectacular Results


Fashion can be one of the most collaborative endeavors, and the comprehensive development centers within our Mexico and Nicaragua plants encourage this process. Here you’ll work closely with Aalfs designers to identify which styles, denim candidates, and other criteria are best suited for achieving your sales goals, in both look and price point. Our dedicated development capabilities offer quick sampling and review of new products without sacrificing speed-to-market.

Although Aalfs’ fashion aptitude is extensive, we never lose sight of scaling to mass business needs. Our presence within the industry provides a unique perspective on what’s selling, and what’s not, within the larger marketplace. Thus, we are well-equipped to help each customer establish wholly unique product lines that satisfy their specific market requirements.


In-house Sample Departments

Doubling Up Ultimately Streamlines the Production Process

These freestanding creative environments are set up to replicate everything that can be done in the plants, but remain totally separate from the actual manufacturing process. By literally creating a factory within a factory—complete with dedicated laundry, cutting, sewing, resin bath, hardware, etc.—we can focus on producing accurate samples without interrupting the larger plant process. That means no costly downtime, at any time.

Fabric Experts

Thousands of Options Requires Knowledgeable Guidance

Helping you select potential fabric candidates is something we excel at. Shade, performance, yarn size, slubbiness, character, hand feel, finish, width, length, frequency, weight—all contribute to a multitude of possible denim characteristics. Aalfs applies our learned expertise along with our relationships with the mills to source the most innovative fabrics plus the latest in washes, rinses, tints, and treatments.