Denim & Twill

Trusted Partner in Innovation

True, we are one of the few manufacturers to offer both. And we have become known as experts in both categories. Perhaps this is due to our legendary high-quality standards. Or our 120+ years of experience. Or our comprehensive program that keeps our customers’ stores stocked and ready to do business. Maybe it’s the fact that our facilities are wholly owned and dedicated to manufacturing apparel for Aalfs' customers only.

There is also our unique ability to execute anywhere along the spectrum, from product development and design to extensive manufacturing capabilities and award-winning replenishment services—allowing us to provide our customers with exactly what they need, when they need it. Yes, that might have something to do with it. But in the end, it all comes back to denim and twill. That’s what we make, and we do it really well.

 Made in the Americas



In fact, 99% of our denim is made in either the U.S. or Mexico. Aalfs is also one of the few manufacturers of twill to exist in the western hemisphere. And we plan to keep it that way. By having our wholly-owned, dedicated manufacturing facilities in the Americas, we can provide faster turn times, advantages in pricing, and a ready availability of materials.


Our manufacturing facilities in Mexico and Nicaragua are not only close to home, they’re also impressively large in scale. That equals savings for Aalfs customers in both time and costs. One thing that never varies, though, is our commitment to quality. All of our denim and twill apparel is expertly crafted to deliver the right style in the right fabric, at the right price point.


 This is one area that can only be offered by someone of our size—yet our extensive replenishment services can be personalized down to the smallest detail. With warehouses strategically located in the U.S., Mexico, and Nicaragua, Aalfs provides constant product and supply-chain flow along with fill rates that exceed industry standards. Achieve the cost and time savings you want along with the speed to market you need.


As you know, one size—or style—does not fit all. Our global development team  travels the U.S., Asia, and Europe, tracking the emergence of innovative fabrics; cutting-edge washes, rinses, tints, and treatments; and the latest in fit, style, and detail. Back in our dedicated product development facilities, we collaborate with each customer to create on-trend products that uniquely reflect their brand.

Since 1892

As a third-generation family business, we understand the value of long-lasting partnerships. For 120+ years, we’ve been respected as makers of denim and twill due to a solid reputation for high-quality standards, reliability, and trusted collaboration. Along the way, we’ve developed relationships—with our customers, vendors, employees, and the communities in which we work—that have stood the test of time.